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Above: Daniel Chang (far left in both pictures), Pepperdine Advertising Major, was selected to be a Summer MAIP Social Media Intern at The Garage/Team Mazda in Costa Mesa, CA. This is a very competitive internship program sponsored by the 4 As. Congratulations, Daniel!! In this picture, Daniel is with his ADV 475 class and Buddy Weiss, guest speaker, Spring 2014.

Above: Scott Harris, Owner of Mustang Marketing, visits with Dr. Ginger Rosenkrans' ADV 275 students, Spring 2014.

Above: Larry Greenfield, Owner of Big Back Grips; John Duffield, CEO of Departure 3 ad agency; with ADV 475 students, Spring 2014.

Above: Tony Palma, CEO of OGIO (ogio.com); Steve Gatena, CEO of REP Interactive; Jeremy, Creative Director at REP; Dan, VFX at REP; and ADV 475 students, Spring 2014. Dr. Ginger Rosenkrans' students are participating in an ad campaign competition for OGIO.

Above: Spring 2014 ADV 475 students with class client, Steve and Chris of REP Interactive.

Above: Fall 2013 ADV 475 students with class client, Jillian of Pinnacle Boutique. 

Above: Steve Gatena and Chris Carter of REP Interactive visit with Dr. Rosenkrans' Intro to IMC class, Spring 2013. 

Above: Brad Starkey, Partner of JJ&A POP visit with Dr. Rosenkrans' Intro to IMC class, Spring 2013.  

Above: Stunning sunset at Pepperdine. Picture taken by Noura Al-Saud, Pepperdine student. 

To see more photos, please go to Photos page. 

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ADV 475 students are participating in a  creative ad campaign competition. 

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