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Web metrics Great!

APA Style Guide

Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement

Scirus search engine. Great! 

Simmons Market Research Bureau: behavior of American Consumer

University of Minnesota's Digital Technology Center

Vanderbilt University's e-lab 

Overture (search engine)

Social Science Research Network (research papers on marketing, information systems and more!)

Haas School of Business, Berkeley  

Journal of Advertising

Bibliography of Topics of Research articles in advertising

Journal of Marketing Research

Journal of Marketing

Marketing Education Quarterly

Web Guide,,158,00.html?ref=wgtoc11

Know this (market research, marketing plans, internet marketing, marketing careers & much more)

Market Research Reports (requires paying for reports)

NUA Internet Surveys

Web Market Research Report Services

Journal of Web Marketing Research



Better Business Bureau

Corporate Information .com: Publicly Traded Companies





Hoover's Search by Company Name

IRE’s Campaign Finance Information Center

National Association of Secretaries of State

National Personnel Records Center’s Access to Military Records

New Media Program at UC Berkeley

Pacific Information Resources'

Portico's State Non-Profit Databases

Registry of Charitable Trusts

Stanford Law School Securities Class Action Clearinghouse

The Auto Exchange

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

U.S. National Center for Health Statistics

U.S. Securities and Exchange Comission's EDGAR database

Virtual Gumshoe

American Medical Association's Physician Select

Association of State Medical Boards Executive Directors' Docfinder

CLEAR'S Directory of Boards


Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator


NETR Real Estate Research and Information

New Media Program at UC Berkeley:
Pacific Information Resources' Searchsystems:
Peelle Management Corporation:
Portico's Real Estate Online Assesors:
The Federal Judicial Center's Judges of the United States Courts:
Yahoo!'s Professional Business Organizations:

Online Phone Directory

White Pages Directory

General Search Engines

All the Web

Real Estate Transactions Research

phone numbers and addresses for county recorders offices

Online Journalism Review (USC’s)

What do you do if you get an irritating 'page not found' message when trying to access a web page? There are several options:

Use the Google cache option.
Google saves copies of millions of web pages. So if Google can find the web page you are looking for, chances are high you can see cached copy of the page, even if the page no longer exists. See

Use the Wayback Machine--Great!
The Wayback Machine makes it possible to surf more than 10 billion pages stored in the Internet Archive's web archive. The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, they provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.

Use this search box to find old websites with the wayback machine:

Top of Form


Bottom of Form

Thanks to the wayback machines, you can see old designs of current websites: (in 2001) (in 1998) (in 1996)

Backflip is a free service enabling you to store and organize personal bookmarks online.

Search Engine –another good one

Google has a useful feature enabling you to track web sites that link to a page of interest. This enables you to identify and locate other relevant web pages, and instantly click through to evaluate if the information is also relevant to your research.

For example: If you search for 'HIV' on Scirus, the search engine for science, the first result you see is To see which other web sites link to this page, you should do the following search:

Top of Form

Try this search in Google:


Another useful resource is This allows you to run a similar linking search, but to query the results of Google, AltaVista and Hotbot at the same time.

To find computer science research papers: CiteSeer indexes Postscript and PDF research articles on the Web, allowing you to navigate through freely accessibly scientfic information in efficient ways. Papers can be located independent of language, and independent of words in the title, keywords, or the document.

For research: is a freely accessible Web site which enables you to identify individuals, departments and laboratories that have made fundamental contributions to the advancement of science and technology.

APA Manual

MLA Manual


Ad Formats Links

IAB's Standards and Guidelines Interactive Marketing Units

Rich media ad formats

Rich media Interactive floating ad

Floating expandable banner

Advertising Links

Ads of the World

Cadbury's Gorilla commercial z

2007 Emmy Award-Winning American Express Animals Commercial

Bill Richardson's Political Ad Commercials

Creativity (includes Snickers feast commercials from TBWA Chiat Day and many other TV commercials--good!)

Superbowl 2007 Commercials

Brawny Academy Series

Visa online ad

Sprint Broadband commercial 

Honda commercial with crab

2007 Jeep Wrangler Grooming Gorilla Commercial
Gap Commercial or view from:

TBS Funny Commercials--updated link 1/5/07,,69810,00.html

Very Funny Ads (powered by TBS)

Sharpie TV Ads

McDonalds commercial

Radio-Mercury Awards 2006--posted on AEF's web site

Budlight winning radio ads (must be at least 21 years old to enter site)
Real Men of Genius

Clio Awards posted on AEF's Web site

AAF Smartbrief All Access

Business Week's Brand Equity

Business Week's Innovation

2005 SuperBowl commercials

2006 Superbowl Ads--view by quarter by AOL

2006 Superbowl ads--view via adage


PETA Print Ads

PETA Billboards

PETA Radio Ads

Advertising Terminology by Texas Advertising at the University of Texas, Austin

Print Ad access by Duke University

2005 Winners from London International Awards

ABC Clio

The Brand Channel--great source and site! it has articles, profiles, and more in the area of branding. daily features, clips and more

Super Bowl Ads (features clips of upcoming ads, news on trends and issues, and history) has a great archive of past Super Bowl commercials dating back to 1969 

University of Texas at Austin (advertising) lots of links

Ad Slogans

Advertising to teens;action=display;num=1107859492

Radio Mercury Awards

Radio spots

Radio Advertising Bureau

Ad*Access database

Samples of print ads, CLIO ads, commercials, and more on AEF's Web site--great!

Cog: Honda Accord commercial

Outdoor advertising samples

BBDO: view some of this agency's ads

J.Walter Thompson(JWT) agency's creative portfolio:

Online marketing terminology,,158,00.html?ref=wgtoc11

Business search engine, including online advertising 

Jupiter Research reports

NUA Internet Surveys

Web Market Research Report Services

Journal of Web Marketing Research

Business 2.0,,,00.html?ref=t_home

Clio Awards home page

Commercials Web site

Brand Packaging

Computer Graphics


Advertising on Fortune Cookies:

Global Information,Inc. (reports)

Red Herring

Tech Guide IT Papers

Electronic Media

Internet News

Internet advertising news from imediaconnection

List of Internet advertising sources—great!!!!!

Interactive advertising sources

University of Iowa’s Advertising Resources

Journal of Interactive Advertising

Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media

Journal of Advertising

Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

Journal of Mass Communication and Society Division of AEJMC

Nielsen Netratings

Pew research

Journal sources

Journal of Interactive Marketing

Communication Arts

Stats text online


Information Week

Wired Magazine

Dynamic Logic: Marketing Effectiveness Research: 

imediaconnection: daily online advertising news 

USA Today's Ad Track Index (weekly article on how favorite ads rate in USA Today's consumer poll) 

Eyeblaster advertising --vote for your favorite online ad by November 19, 2002 

Advertising at Univ. of Texas, Austin (lots of great info—lots of links!) or

Stanford Research Institute (VALS here—conducts research on consumers)

Roper (conducts research on consumers)

Yankelovich (conducts research on consumers)

TRENDWATCHING.COM ( scans the world for global new consumer trends and related business opportunities, then reports on them in a free, monthly newsletter. Attracts marketing professionals from more than 100

Springwise ( scans the world for new business ideas and successful ventures, then reports on them in a free, monthly newsletter. A network of 25 idea spotters in more than 20 countries contributes to the publications. Attracts business professionals from more than 100 countries.

Theories of how advertising works

How does advertising work

The Journal of Advertising 

Journal of Interactive advertising

Interactive advertising Spring 2001 Univ. of Texas, Austin

Research reports Univ. Texas, Austin

ABC Interactive (ad measurements)

AdRelevance (online ad research studies and reports)   

AdsGuide (site on ad management, online advertising, research in advertising, and more!)

Anonymizer (Internet privacy and security issue site)

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) http://www.acm,org

BBB Online


Business 2.0 (many articles and links)

Business Week's E-Biz

CASIE (Coalition for Advertising Supported Information and Entertainment)

Census CensusCD Blocks

CNET (computing and technology articles)

CNET: Understanding Web Site Metrics from CNET

Direct Marketing Association


Ernst and Young Center for Business Innovation

Etail site http://www.eRetail.Net/

Facts, Figures on Internet

Fast Company

FAST Summit

Forrester Research,1515,24,FF.html

The Future of Advertising Stakeholders

Harvard Business School (information on e-business, e-commerce, Internet marketing/advertising)

IBM e-commerce  

Iconocast (site and newsletter on tracking trends in online marketing and technologies and marketing)


IEEE Computer Society

Internet Marketing

The Industry Standard

Internet Advertising Bureau

Internet Advertising News (good source of online advertising news)

Jupiter Communications (Advertising tracking)

Red Herring (technology business news, analysis, and research)

Samples of online ads: (see Whitehouse ad)  (click "demonstration" at bottom of box)


Vanderbilt's e-commerce research papers

Vanderbuilt’s study on push technology

Web measurement standards metrics (from Vanderbuilt U)



Young & Rubicam's BrandAsset Valuator 


Budlight radio commercials

Ads available on the Internet--This is taken from the Univ. Texas site: Please visit their site for more great links!!!

Absolut Connection. collection of Absolute ad info.

Absolut Vodka Advertising Archive

Ad Critic. Provides ads you have seen on TV and other services for ad agencies.

Ad Flip- An archive of classic print ads. - An archive of commercials, ads, resources on web advertising, direct marketing, public relations, media planning and more.

ADSlogans. Database of advertising slogans.

Ad-Schlocks. The "worst TV commercial" awards.

Ads from the Comic books. Collection of the ads of American comic books by Steve Conley, a designer for newspapers and news sites. An interactive portfolio for global advertising and a showcase of creative work worldwide designed and developed by, Inc.

Advertising Age's 50 Best Commercials

Advertising Columbian Coffee. Strait from Juan Valdez!

Advertising Graveyard, The. Ad campaigns which never quite made it.

Alka Seltzer Memory Lane. See 50 years of Alka Seltzer commercials (e.g., "I can't believe I ate the whole thing").

Benetton Ads. Photo gallery houses ads from various Benneton print campaign.

Beyond The Wall. Sells posters of advertisements and offers free download features.

Big Sell Out. Hollywood celebrities in Japanese advertising.

Billboard Liberation Front. Billboard parody site.

Burma Shave: An Internet Contest And links for those interested in more information about Burma Shave and their signs

Burma Shave: Jingle All The Way (Washington, NJ)

Burma Shave: Puns of the Past

Burma Shave Rhymes

Burma Shave Signs

Burma Shave signs (Weed, CA)

Grant's Tribute to The Burma-Shave 

SignSlogans: 1927-1963

Calvin Klein Ads

Coca-Cola Advertising Slogans

Commercials of the past   Radio and TV spots from the 50s and 60s.

Consumer Information Center's Commercials and Print Ads.  from Pueblo, CO.

Gaslight Advertising Archives. An archive of old advertisements.

Ghostship Archive. A collection of tobacco ads. Specializes in women smoking.

Harvey's Antique Advertising. A site for old signs, tins, photos, ads and facts.

Infomercial Index. Find the information for that infomercial you scribbled down and promptly lost.

Japanese English Advertising Slogans

Jean-Marie Boursicot Film Library (France). Database of over 450 000 advertising commercials.

Milk Ads

CrAzY 'Bout Milk

Got Milk?

Got Milk? Includes Spanish Milk Ads.

Meghan's Milk Ad page

Milk Ads Collection

Milk: Famous Faces

Milk - Where's Your Mustache? milk ads.

Rebecca's Milk Ad page

PAW! - The Pit of Advertising Wonders 

Positive Propaganda: Unsorted Banners A collection of ad banners.

Super Marketing: Ads from the Comic Books  This site provides the ads from the backs of comics

Truth in Advertising A collection of vintage cigarette advertisements from the age of innocence.

Volkswagon Ads

Wiredvideo. Offers video of TV commercials.

Xtreme New Commercials. A monthly and quarterly compilation of new commercials from UK and around the world.

ZAW. The biggest database of web advertising banners.

Human Computer Interaction


HCI sites links

Dr. Maxine Cohen's site with HCI links
Cohen's (Dr. Maxine Cohen) page with HCI links

Dr. Laurie Dringus' site with HCI 

University of Maryland's Testing Methods and Tools 

QUIS home page at University of Maryland 

Usability Professionals' Association 

Computers As Persuasive Technology (CAPTOLOGY) 

Cornell University

University of Maryland – HCI Lab

University of Maryland – Treemaps

Jacob Nielsen’s Web Site

Online usability checklist

Internet Advertising Stats, News, etc.

Internet Advertising Bureau --also subscribe to its e-newsletter, the IAB Smart Brief--Great!

Imedia Connection-- also opt in to its e-newsletter--Gerat!

Pew Research Center

E Marketer

Nielsen Netratings

Audit Bureau of Circulations

Mass Communication

Journalists Tool Box (excellent source!!!)

Magazine Publisher's Web site

Journalists Toolbox

E-commerce Times (formerly

Zero Knowledge: privacy stats

Journalism and Mass Communication Resources

Web Virtual Library (newspaper section) INCREDIBLE LIST of RESOURCES!!!

Facts about newspapers

Broadcast and cable

American Journalism review

American Editor

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Education Writer's Association

Broadcast Education Association (BEA)

American Society of News Editors (ASNE)

News Resource

Vanderbilt TV News Archive  

Society for News Design

Internet Journalism Resources

FACSNET (a service for journalists provided by FACS in partnership with the San Diego Supercomputer Center)

Guide to Electronic and Print Resources

Associated Press Managing News  (APME News)


Electronic Media


Poynter Institute Journalism Web Site

Links on privacy and security

US Web White papers (e-commerce, Internet audience development, entertainment, etc.)

Media Central

Coalition for Advertising Supported Information and Entertainment

Internet Marketing

PC Webopaedia - Telecommunications category page. This page lists PC Webopaedia terms for the category 'Telecommunications'

Web Site Design

HTML Goodies

Flash Kit 

Stock Photos by Foto Search 

Cool Text

Flaming Text

Boogie Jack's

Web Design, by Ginger Rosenkrans

Site Meter tracking service

Interactive Color Theory by Poynter 

Jacob Nielsen's Web site

Downloads/software, Web design

Downloads/shareware, software



Hotwired Web Monkey or 

Dmitry's Design Lab

Designs by Mark Web site

Sample of Web site using Flash 

Clip Art

Barry's ClipArt

More Clip Art

Even More Clip Art

Weather banners

Web Design Guide

NCSA's Beginner's Guide to HTML--REALLY GOOD!

Create Free Animated Banners and Buttons


Journal of Web Marketing Research

Publishing Web,1660,19598,00.html,,,00.html

Web Monkey (Great site packed with tutorials, articles, tips, and more)

Cool Home Pages (Got designer's block? inspiration for designers and more)

Web sites:


There is a Frito-Lay 2007 TV Superbowl commercial contest. Here's the URL:

Another 2007 TV Superbowl contest is for Chevy. Here's the URL:

Intel Offers $1 Million Prize For Cool Viiv PC Design

2006-2007 Yellow Pages Association Collegiate Creative Competition
Direct download of competition case
Competition Web Site (Home Page)
Competition Registration
YPA Academic Web Site



Cool Text

Fav Icons (resources, tips and more)

Communication Arts online

Typography tips

Typographical Terms visual interactive

Typographical Terms from article on typography 1 on

Web Typography Tutorial, Lesson 1, from

Stock Photos --great site! Check it out!!

More stock photos--great! Royalty free link to Getty images

Poynter's Interactive Color Theory (really cool!)

Mr. Picasso Head: This site allows you to create your own Picasso masterpiece and add your signature to it.

Color site:  Flash site that demonstrates the symbolism of color. It's based off a thesis that somebody wrote.

News Designer

Visual Editors

Stock Photos by Foto Search 

American Institute of Graphic Arts (L.A. Chapter)

Color Article on Poynter's Web site:

Crayola's Web site:

Mental Floss' site:


Name That Flag

Everywhere a Sign

Web Monkey (great site packed with tutorials, resources, tips, etc.)

Free web building tutorials

Free Flash tutorials

Flash tools


Internet Advertising Bureau's IAB Smartbrief daily

Marketing Land: 

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Land

ImediaConnections' daily e-news

Media Life (daily news for media planners and buyers)

Advertising Education Foundation

E-Marketer daily newsletter - full eMarketer available on Pepperdine's online libraries

Cynthia Turner's Cynopsis

PC Magazine,1751,,00.asp (sign up for doctor dictionary's word a day)


Advertising Education Foundation

American Academy of Advertising 

Advertising Research Foundation

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 

American Association of Advertising Agencies

Association for Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) 

Association of National Advertisers 

American Advertising Federation

Association for Interactive Media

American Marketing Association

American Institute of Graphic Arts (L.A. Chapter)

Association for Consumer Research

Marketing Research Association

Society for News Design (SND) 

House Rabbit Society 

The Journal of Advertising 

Pew Research Center 

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 

Association for Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) 

Association of National Advertisers 

Society for News Design (SND) 

House Rabbit Society 

The Journal of Advertising 

Pew Research Center 

The International Journal of Internet Advertising and Marketing

Graphic Artists Guild

Other Sources of Interest

Falcons online: Really cool! Watch Falcons and baby chicks as of
May 6, 2007


Eagles Online. Watch eagles online at the eagle web cam, a cooperative effort among Northeast Utilities (NU), MassWildlife and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

House Rabbit Society

Communication Arts Competition

Token Photography by Ryan Burch (Pepperdine Alum)

The Animal Rescue Site (click daily to provide food for animals) 

The Rainforest Site (click daily for land)

The Ecology Fund (click to save animals and land)  

Beach Cams 

Pet Place    

American Center for Law and Justice

Christian Research Institute

Harvest Crusades/Harvest Ministries

In Touch Ministries

Crown Financial Ministries

Ligonier Ministries

Radio Bible Class Ministries

Stand to Reason (Christian Apologetics) 

Volunteer: The site lists 33,000 nonprofit and community organizations in 165 countries

Family Research Council

KNX 1070 News Radio: Computer News program

KNX 1070 News Radio: Money 101/Business program

Style Guide by the National Center on Disability and Journalism:

Guidelines for Reporting and Writing About People With Disabilities, by the Life Span Institute:

Covering Disabilities--Untold Stories for Any Beat, by Elizabeth J. Carr:
(this is an odd address, but you can find the article at The Poynter Institute website)

Something You Should Know, by Mike Carruthers

Public Relations

Institute for Public Relations (Good site!)

All About Public Relations

PR Reporter (

PR Week (

Interactive PR (

Ragan Report (

Web Content Report (

The Holmes Report (

PR Intelligence Report (

The Source and Strategic Communications Management (

Free Publicity (

Media Bridge Newsletter (

The Strategist/PR Tactics (

Online PR Workshop ( )

O’Dwyer’s Newsletter (


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