Riel's Course Descriptions and Online Teaching Tools

I serve as the Academic Co-Chair for the Master of Arts in Learning Technologies Program at the Graduate School of Education and Psychology at Pepperdine University. The Master's program is 85% online. I use a range of network tools in my teaching including Sakai, Wikispaces, GoogleSites, Skype, Etherpad, Google+ and multimedia tools for special projects. In the spirit of open source, I provide access to to my course designs and some of the tools. Sakai is our protected spaces for knowledge building and is not open to the public.


Margaret Riel

email: margaret.riel@pepperdine.edu

Skype: mmriel

Master of Arts in Learning Technologies Program

Course Descriptions

Action Research

I teach the action research sequence in the online in the Masters in Educational Technology Program using different tools (Sakai for asynchronous discussions, Google+ Hangout with extras for synchronous discussions, and wikis for group work. I also organize the online Center for Collaborative Action Research at Pepperdine for sharing teaching and learning strategies and projects related to action research. I hope you will build knowlede with us about how to teach action research at the Center wiki.

Paticipatory Action Research 2012-2013(a 4-semester sequence)


Past Course in the M. A. Program (now changed)

Ed.D Program in Educational Technology (now changed)

Course linked wikis: Mindmaps

And other resources can be found in My Online Office (which needs a redesign...)